From stroppy toddlers to rebellious teens, Sue Atkins has all the answers and her expertise is much sought after by the media. Regularly featured as The Parenting Expert on ITV’s “This Morning”, Sue has built a solid reputation and established a strong media presence.

Her ongoing success has earned her the opportunity to appear in many of the UK’s newspapers, including The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Express, The Sunday Times and The Sun. Sue’s TV, radio & magazine appearances include regular features on Sky News, Good Morning Britain, LBC Radio, The Jeremy Vine Flagship Show on BBC Radio 2, The Vanessa Show on Channel 5, Psychologies Magazine, Primary Times, Closer, Bliss, Boots magazine and many more.

Sue’s efficient, guilt-free approach and caring attitude to parenting makes her a popular choice with organisations and the perfect choice for your interview, show or article.