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Over the last 16 years as The Parenting Expert Sue has worked with thousands of parents to help them reconnect with their children, guide them through divorce or support them in overcoming problems with their child. If you’re looking for positive, guilt-free and effective advice then Sue Atkins in the solution you’ve been looking for.

But don’t take our word for it… Just see what just a few of her previous clients and associates have to say…

  • Carrie Hobday

  • President of Podar Education Network & Podar Jumbo Kids

  • Laura Henry Award Winning Early Years Consultant

  • Hayley Goleniowska, Founder of Downs Side Up

  • Ger Graus - Global Director of Education at KidZania

  • Parker - Little Boy With Nightmares

  • Nicky Ingram - Family Advisory Bureau

  • Mariessa Devlin - Enchanted Forest Early Learning

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“Working with Sue has been amazing!”

Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and applies the knowledge to real life situations as she has lived it herself. The strategies, tools and advice that Sue has given me have been invaluable in both my professional and personal life. Sue’s professionalism, experience, fun and positive attitude is the perfect blend – if there were one person I would seek for advice it would be Sue.”

Mark Green,

Business Development Manager – MarvellousMe


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This is a book that really is packed full of parenting tips

This is a beautifully written, upbeat and inspiring book with a real heart. You really feel Sue’s compassion, empathy and parenting expertise coming out on every single page. She neither patronises you nor makes you feel inadequate as a parent but instead dispenses the kind of parental worldly wisdom mixed with some great coaching tips that have made her a genuine parenting expert. As I was reading through this book last night, I found myself wishing that I’d had it when my two boys were very young. So many things I could have done better with a dose of Sue Atkins to help. Often with books of this nature you either get a celebrity aeroplane read – lots of filler and fluff but very little else or, an academic tome that has to be re-read several times before you get its gist. This is a book that really is packed full of parenting tips, wisdom and advice that any parent can resonate with and implement provided they are willing of course to make some changes and improvements to their parenting style and approach. I really loved the sections on how to improve your relationship with your partner and how to connect with your kids as they get older. It really is a fabulous book that should be on the bedside table of every parent or guardian, well thumbed, highlighted and dog-eared.

Dee Blick - Reader of - How to Raise Happy Children
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Sue Atkins is the new – and improved – Mary Poppins for today’s parents

Sue Atkins is the new – and improved – Mary Poppins for today’s parents. She offers practical, fresh ways to help our kids become what we all hope and dream: happy, confident, responsible, resilient and ready for the fast-paced, plugged-in modern world.”

Dr Michele Borba, parenting expert and Today show contributor
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Sue has been invaluable to our family through some very difficult and upsetting times

Sue has been invaluable to our family through some very difficult and upsetting times. Not just with our children, which is why we initially engaged, but also giving support and counselling to me as a parent to help understand some of the complex psychological processes. She was always on hand and made every effort to communicate quickly as issues and circumstances arose. It never felt like an imposition, I felt our family benefited from an external support that gave clarity and strategy to emotional situations. Meeting in her home, in person at a convenient location, on skype, on the phone or via text Sue was always there to help us.

She applied a wide variety of techniques and methods and found a balance for each member of the family for individual and collective benefit.

I was very touched and heartened after our time together that she checked in so regularly afterwards to re-assure and generally bring positive motion to us as a family.

I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She has an infectious and caring personality and has a dis-arming demeanour that puts you in a place of ease and comfort.

Lewis Macleod
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Sue’s common-sense approach to parenting will benefit anyone with kids

Sue’s common-sense approach to parenting will benefit anyone with kids. She offers practical advice and insights that help busy parents set their priorities, create realistic expectations, and develop a positive family environment in their homes.”

Suzanna Narducci,

Endorsement by Laura Henry Consultancy

I have known Sue for many years as a professional parenting expert, commenting via the media and television, this includes her writing as an author and blogger. On a personal level, Sue is a mother of two young adults and professionally Sue has worked as a Deputy Headteacher. Her advice to parents is non-judgemental, sensitive and allows parents to make informed choices regarding their parenting.

Sue’s parenting club is a perfect way to support schools and Early Years development, with their home to settings links and vice versa, with parenting advice, guidance and support, schools are then able to directly share this information with parents.

Sue’s parenting club, is also ideal for companies, which will support their responsibility in supporting employees who have children. This is a great help to learning and development teams, to have on the spot specialist parenting information to share with their staff.

Laura Henry
International Speaker, Writer (Creator of JoJo and GranGran) and Consultant

Laura Henry

Truly motivational and empowering & life changing 

Sue Atkins your journal for kids is amazing and will make a transformational difference to children’s lives. Truly motivational and empowering & life changing

Emma Hammett 
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We were blessed to find Sue

After 18 months of caring for a child with a mental illness we found our once solid marriage and family, torn apart and in crisis.
We were then blessed to find Sue, the Nanny McPhee we had only ever dreamt of. With her expertise, positivity, encouragement and humour she guided us through turbulent times.
A year on our marriage has never been stronger, our children aged 16.13 and 5 are all healthy and have never been so confident; life has never been so happy.
Thanks to Sue we are once again a strong family team with love and respect for one another.
Sue….we will be forever grateful

Sara Windsor
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Given that Sue is on television, I was surprised by how down to earth and affordable sessions with her were.

As a former teacher and nursery owner myself, I am often found giving advice to parents, however sometimes you get lost in your own parenting journey and Sue was very effectively in providing tips to keep us busy working Mums on track. My main lesson from Sue is that as parents, we also have to be good to ourselves, if we are looking after our own well-being, this positively benefits all aspects of family life. Having worked with Sue on a 1-2-1 basis, I am now a member of her Parenting Club which is very cost effective and provides a wealth of parenting advice, tips and guidance.

Mariessa Devlin from Scotland
Karen Molan

Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked

“Sue has to be one of the most motivational people I know. She has an amazing spark that just rubs off on you. I can’t recall a time I have been in her company when I haven’t come away feeling pumped and raring to go. Sue is non-judgemental. Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked – no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue’s advice makes sense.”

Karen Molan - Skillsquest
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Working with you Sue is one of the best decisions I have ever made

“Funny how I kept saying how I had no time – and you helped me find it! Working with you Sue is one of the best decisions I have ever made – both for my business, for my own personal growth and for my family life balance. Thanks for being there for me!”

Catherine Wright Working Mother of Sam and Joe Pimlico London