Making your child feel significant

We all like to feel that we matter, that we count & that we make a difference and children are no different. Children who are encouraged & appreciated learn  that they matter, that they are important and they feel significant and valued for who they are. Whereas children who are not made to feel significant […]

Making your child feel more capable

Children develop their competence and capabilities through being allowed to explore, experiment and make mistakes. In this video we look at developing an ‘iCan’ attitude  & how it will develop your child’s self esteem.

Teaching Your Child Courage

The Lion in The Wizard of Oz was looking for courage and no wonder as being a human being is tough! It takes courage to ride the ups and downs of life. It’s packed full of good and bad experiences, frustrations, disappointments and challenges. It’s a risky and precarious adventure so developing courage in your […]

Positive Parenting: The Four C’s

Feeling that we connect, that we are capable, that we count and that we have courage will go a long way to enhance a positive attitude about life and give it meaning and purpose. By embracing these very simple principles you will transform your parenting and become better at understanding the goals behind your child’s […]