The Road to Success: Supporting Your Dyslexic Teen in Secondary School

  As Summer ends and we prepare to adjust to the change in season to Autumn children across the country are preparing to make the leap from Key stage 2 into Key stage 3, from primary to secondary school. For many this is an exciting time, for others it can be daunting. If your child […]

Metrics that Matter: Parental Engagement in the Spotlight

On my Igniting Parental Engagement: A Dynamic CPD Approach Course I talk about the importance of measuring the  impact of your parental engagement. Establishing metrics to gauge the impact of parental engagement requires a systematic approach that involves collaboration between schools, teachers, and parents. Here are steps to help schools set up effective metrics: Identify […]

Back To School Bedtimes

We are fast approaching the time of year again when kids and families are getting ready for the New School Year Along with buying the new pencil case and lunchbox lots of parents are looking for ways to help their kids get the proper sleep they need for school success. After the long days and […]

Sue Atkins Tips for Children Returning to School After Lock Down

As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 22 years it’s a time of uncharted waters for us all – parents, teachers & children –  and we are all in this together – supporting, nurturing, encouraging and looking after each other. Schools are being asked to open their doors on 8th March but […]

So You Want to Continue Home Schooling After Lock Down? Are You Joking or Are You Serious? Things to Consider. Benefits and Disadvantages of Homeschooling I was interviewed on The Daily Mail Podcast about Home Schooling today which is the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world, with over 11.34m visitors daily reaching over 225 million unique monthly visitors globally. So I thought I’d weigh up & consider the pros and cons as […]