When you’re raising a family you don’t always have the time, energy or head-space to really map things out and create all the useful tools you need. Between feeding the baby and hanging out the washing, doing the school run and cooking the dinner there’s precious little time left to start planning and designing a chart or schedule, no matter how helpful it may be.

But don’t worry. From cheat sheets to revision planners, bullying diaries to reward charts. We’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find all the resources you need to make parenting a little easier, free and ready to print.

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The Sue Atkins ‘Bullying Diary’ (FREE Resource)

It can be really helpful to keep a record of the bullying that you’ve experienced as it makes it easier to remember what happened exactly.

This helps when you are talking to your parents, teachers or other adults about sorting it out. Write down as much detail as you can about what happened, where the bullying took place and who exactly was involved. This Diary can then be shown to someone you really trust.

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The ‘CAN DO KIDS’ 5 Day Challenge (FREE Resource)

Contained in the FREE Downloadable File are 15 Activities that your child can do taken directly from Sue’s ‘THE CAN DO KID’ Journal for Super Heroes

Ideal for keeping your child occupied at weekends and during school holidays.

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The Sue Atkins Make Believe, Imagination and Pretending: Ages and Stages Checklist (FREE Resource)

The Importance Of Play
Lots of research has shown that brain connections develop during periods of play so it is vital to emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Download my FREE checklist about your child’s ‘Make Believe’ Play to understand the Ages and Stages of make believe, imagination and pretending

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The Sue Atkins Self-Esteem Checklist (FREE Resource)

The most important gift you can give your child is the gift of self esteem.

Self-esteem is how you rate yourself deep down. It is a belief and a confidence in your own ability and value. However, where does this ability come from? I believe it initially comes from you – the actions that you take and the love and encouragement you give. Download this free guide to help you give YOUR child the gift of self esteem.

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Are we there yet?

This little book is about a big subject. It’s about inspiring your young child with self-esteem, discipline, fairness, boundaries and love. It’s about enjoying the magic of childhood and creating the memories of an adult.

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Speaking To Your Teenager About Body Image: CHECKLIST

Research has shown that the number one reason people gave for why they thought they were
bullied was attitudes towards their appearance.

Here are my tips on speaking to your teen about Body Image

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Are Your Kids Ready for Their First Pair Of Shoes?

Your little one’s first steps is such an exciting time for everyone and soon those first unsteady steps will turn into running, hopping, jumping, leaping, climbing and kicking balls.
However, long before then you’ll have the important task of deciding whether your child is ready for their first pair of shoes and which ones to buy.

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Baby Milestones – What developmental milestones to expect and when.

Babies grow at an amazingly fast rate during their first year of life & it’s so exciting to watch your
baby’s development, but it’s easy to worry if they’re not rolling, sitting or crawling at the ‘right’ time.

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The Sue Atkins Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied & What To Do About It (FREE Checklist)

Bullying is an intentional, aggressive and repeated behaviour that involves an imbalance of power or strength. It’s NEVER acceptable &; NEVER ignore it!

In this FREE Checklist, we look for the signs, how to deal with and support your child and how to get help.

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Getting Your Child Ready for School Checklist

It is that time of year again when many of you will have children starting school and you may be thinking about how you can support your child to make the transition as seamless as possible.

You have probably been setting the foundations since your child was little , but if not I have some tips, ideas and suggestions to help:

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My ABC Checklist For Potty Training

On average, most children begin learning to use a potty by around their second birthday, but, as with everything in children’s development, each child is different.

Up to the age of 20 months, toddlers’; bladders need to empty often, and their muscles aren’t always fully developed which makes it difficult for them to master holding on for the loo. Coupled with their lack of dexterity as they haven’t yet developed how to master their clothing going to the loo is still a tricky and difficult skill to manage.

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Preventing Parental Burnout – 7 Top Tips to Combat Exhaustion.

We go on courses form Management to Marketing but we rarely go on a parenting course to handle our parenting stress.

Raising happy, confident, resilient kids is tiring, overwhelming and challenging at times so here are my top tips for preventing burnout.

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Parenting Club Online

An online community for parents who want to be the best they can be & want to bring up happy, confident, resilient ‘Can Do Kids’.

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