The Successful Teachers Bouncing Back Toolkit


The Successful Teacher’s Bouncing Back Toolkit

Teaching can be the most rewarding job, but it can be the most stressful too. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked and a little off balance then you’re not alone. If you’re keen to be the best teacher you can be but you’re struggling to stay motivated, manage your workload and balance your work/home life effectively then Sue can help you.

How It Works

In this MP3/audio guide Sue will show you how to make your role as a teacher simpler, more enjoyable and ultimately a more fulfilling experience. Drawing on the experiences of some of the best teachers out there, Sue’s audio guide will give you the tools, techniques and strategies you need to be the best teacher you can be, whilst still keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Why Listen To Sue?

With over 25 years experience working with kids, both as a teacher, deputy head and parenting coach, Sue has the knowledge you need to make your teaching career a success. Regularly seen as The Parenting Expert on BBC, Sky News and This Morning, Sue’s relaxed, positive and guilt-free approach allows you to get the advice you need without feeling pressured or overwhelmed.

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Direct from Sue to You!  In these MP3s, Sue addresses a specific teaching issue and gives you tried and tested solutions. A helping hand – not a pointed finger, supportive, informative, and practical – just what you need to give you clarity & confidence.

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This Toolkit is about looking at one of the key habits of successful teachers – developing the ability to find a happy medium between working, managing your work load, managing people, getting things done by deadlines and enjoying your family or life outside school.

In this download, we will look at ways to make your role as a teacher simpler, more enjoyable and ultimately a more fulfilling experience.

1. Introduction
2. Come to the edge
3. Where you are now
4. Beliefs and values
5. The successful teacher’s visualisation
6. Success at your fingertips
7. Looking at your life as a whole
8. Walking your timeline
9. Learning to prioritise
10. Making friends with the juggler
11. The problems to possibilities mindset
12. Increasing your resources
13. Smarten up and celebrate
14. The rocking chair exercise
15. Visualising how you want it to be
16. Achieving balance
17. Making time
18. Mastering your time
19. Keeping the glow with your partner

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