The Ultimate Guide on GRIT, Tenacity & Resilience – an eBook to improve your kid’s perseverance.


Welcome to this eBook on ‘GRIT’ for kids.

Do you hear ‘I give up’

‘I quit’

‘It’s too hard?’

‘You can’t make me!’

Do they whine that it’s ‘too challenging,’

‘too difficult’ or ‘it’s unfair’ regularly?

Then this eBook is for YOU.

Can you, or your child’s teachers, categorically predict your child’s academic success or whether your child will graduate, run their own business, achieve their dreams or fulfil their true potential?

The answer is ‘Yes’ you can, but not how you might think.

When psychologist Angela Duckworth the author of ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance’ studied people in various challenging situations, including National Spelling Bee participants (a spelling competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty) newly trained teachers in tough neighbourhoods, and West Point cadets, she found:  One characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success. And it wasn’t social intelligence. It wasn’t good looks, physical health, and it wasn’t IQ.

​It was grit.

Grit is tenacity, perseverance, resilience and the steadfast pursuit of a task, mission, or journey in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or distraction. Grit enables someone to persevere in accomplishing a goal despite obstacles over an extended period.

I believe I have grit and it all started when my Dad used the word ‘tenacity’ to describe me and I asked him what it meant. I think it has actually defined my life. From having to retake a couple of my ‘A’ Levels, to having to repeat one of my Teaching Practices to constantly bouncing back after disappointments both professionally and personally I get back up and try again.  I have grit.

So, this got me pondering how do we teach it to kids?

Do you model it?

Do you simply just encourage your kids?

Do you merely support them?

Do you push them?

What do you do when they falter?

What do you do when they fail?

What do you do when life gets tough?

What do you say to help them get back up again and try again?

Just ‘Pause to Ponder’ for a moment.  

How would you describe your grit?

What are your children learning from you about perseverance and tenacity?

OK, this is not about berating yourself but about becoming more self-aware, so if you don’t like what you discover don’t beat yourself up, just decide right now to make a small change that will make a big difference over time to your kid’s attitude to life.

When we help young people cultivate an approach to life that views obstacles as a critical part of success, we help them develop resilience.

If you are interested in building character qualities in your kids that will help them thrive, not just achieve then this eBook is for YOU!

Here’s what people have kindly been saying about ‘Grit’

‘An outstanding read. Based on scientific theory, so many practical ideas and tips for parents to help develop these key life skills in our young people.  Love the way it is so supportive and encouraging of people if they wish to give it a go…..‘ Gordon MacLelland from  Working with Parents in Sport


Children who are resilient are brave, curious, confident and problem solvers. Nurturing these traits in children will go a long way in helping them face the many challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. Sue’s eBook will definitely help ~ Julie Cole from Halifax


Resilience can be learned like any other skill. It takes practice and patience. We can’t shield our kids from all of life’s disappointments and challenges and I found Sue’s book helps as it is bursting with common sense and practical ideas. Jerry Arnold~ Frimley in Surrey






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