Toddlers and Toilets! Potty Pointers: The Sure-Fire ABC’s to Potty Training Success – Guaranteed!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Toddlers and Toilets!  Potty Pointers: The Sure-Fire ABC’s to Potty Training Success – Guaranteed!
  • Debunking The Myths of A Common Law Wife – NO You’re NOT Entitled to Anything!
  • What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can Help Your Child Cope.
  • Am I Being Unreasonable to Complain about My Son Watching Cartoons at his £1,200-a-month Nursery?



Nadia Sawalha says TV was her ‘greatest parenting tool’ but Carole McGiffin claims it’s ‘lazy and evil’ use it as a babysitter – after a mother complained her son was watching cartoons at a £1,200-a-month nursery

Nadia Sawalha says TV was the ‘greatest parenting tool’ when her kids were young, but Carole McGiffin claims it’s ‘lazy and evil’ and can affect children’s thoughts.

This comes as a mother asked if she was being unreasonable to complain about her son watching cartoons at his £1200-a-month nursery.



Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’. In England and Wales only people who are married, whether of the same sex or not, or those in civil partnerships can rely on the law about dividing up their finances when they divorce or dissolve their marriage.

The assumption by many unmarried couples, particularly in long standing relationships, is that they have acquired rights similar to those of married couples is WRONG.

This common misconception and urban myth really needs to be addressed as many women contact me in despair having just discovered this information.

Many women in particular, also believe that by having a child together they acquire legal rights. This is ISN’T true either. Only couples who are married or in a civil partnership acquire legal rights and responsibilities in relation to each other.

Your rights if you split up

For couples who are not married or in a civil partnership, if you split up from your partner they would not (except in certain types of cases) have to pay YOU maintenance even if you stayed at home to look after your children – but they would still have to pay CHILD MAINTENANCE.

Child maintenance is regular, reliable financial support that helps towards your child’s everyday living costs and can cover essentials like clothes, food and school shoes.

This was written with support from The Child Maintenance Options and the advice given is not a substitute for independent professional advice and you should get professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

Over the past few years, divorce rates have been declining as more and more couples opt to co-habit rather than marry or enter into a civil partnership. In fact, the number of unmarried couples living together has more than doubled from 1.5 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2017.

If you’re co-habiting and things go sour, you should protect yourselves by being aware of these three common myths when it comes ‘common law’ and your cohabiting rights.

Myth number one: you have rights on your partner’s property/ies if you split

Myth number two: If you / your partner passes away, you have rights to their assets

Myth number three: you have rights if you have children together


Read more on amicable

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Lauren Brown – Creator of Busy Brains Activity Packs

Lauren Brown – Creator of Busy Brains Activity Packs

MY PERIOD – Find your flow and feel proud of your period by Milli Hill

The one stop guide to getting your period, suitable for girls age 9 to 13.

MY PERIOD – Find your flow and feel proud of your period by Milli Hill


What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can Help Your Child Cope.

Sue answers all your questions around your kids making, keeping and handling friendships 



How Can I Boost My Child’s Confidence?

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