Discover the Injection of Hope for Pregnant Women to Prevent Miscarriage

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

  • Tips for Surviving Christmas with Your Relatives. What’s your Worst, Best, and most memorable Christmas?
  • Teenagers: ADHD and the Christmas Holidays. Jingle Bells or Jingle Hell?
  • Why More Play Leads to More Learning: 7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas
  • Sue In Conversation with Dr. Sophie Dauvois resident scientist, co-founder, and editor of the monthly arts & science OKIDO Magazine

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An injection of hope for pregnant women

Sue Discusses the welcomed news that women at risk of miscarriage may now be helped by progesterone injections

Covid-19: Mums who were severely ill urge pregnant women to get jabs

Why More Play Leads To More Learning

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth.”  ~ American Academy of Paediatrics.

It’s coming up to Christmas and you’re probably wondering what toys to buy for your kids. I think it’s helpful to remember that more play leads to more learning and that active play is far better for your children than passive play where they sit on a laptop or gaming device for long periods.

“Make-believe or pretend play, with guidance and support from adults, blossoms in the preschool years and allows children to make a number of cognitive gains as they try out new ideas and skills.”  ~ National Association for the Education of Young Children

Play is in danger of becoming a lost ‘art’ for families across the UK, as 21% of time-starved parents admit that they have forgotten how to play and struggle to engage their children in creative and imaginative activities that will help their development according to a new report.

Lots of research has shown that brain connections develop during periods of play so it is vital to emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Parents don’t always understand the importance of play, however, and in today’s competitive world, the temptation is to stop your children from “wasting time” and to put the time to what they believe is more constructive use.

For a child, however, there is no more constructive activity than play. When analysing the importance of play, particularly if you’re tempted to introduce a more “worthwhile” activity such as flashcards, educational computer games or dancing or karate lessons, you should take into account the following points:

Read my article about The Importance of Play  by clicking => [ec_link text=”HERE” background_color=”#ff7f50″][/ec_link]

Here is a useful guide from Fisher-Price about age-appropriate toys from 1 month to teenage years. => [ec_link text=”Get the Guide” background_color=”#ff7f50″][/ec_link]


Here’s my blog to help you.

7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas

7 Great Additional Needs Toys For Christmas


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Best Toddler Books about Food

Best Toddler Books about Food

Mission Dyslexia: Find Your Superpower and Be Your Brilliant Self by Julie McNeill, Paul McNeill & Rossie Stone

Mission Dyslexia: Find Your Superpower and Be Your Brilliant Self by Julie McNeill, Paul McNeill & Rossie Stone

Work/Life Balance

What is a good work-life balance?

A healthy balance might look like: meeting your deadlines at work while still having time for friends and hobbies. having enough time to sleep properly and eat well. not worrying about work when you’re at home.

I give my top tips for managing time and to help stop manic mums and dazed dad burnout in this hybrid world of juggling!

Sue in Conversation with Georgina Durrant Founder of the Hugely Popular SEN Resources Website

Sue in Conversation with Georgina Durrant Founder of the Hugely Popular SEN Resources Website

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