Sue Asquith, Award Winning International Early Childhood Consultant and Author of Self-Regulation Skills in Young Children

Sue in conversation with Sue Asquith

Sue Atkins in conversation with Sue Asquith who is an award winning freelance Early Childhood Consultant and works with nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and nannies and she is one of the most respected early years trainers in the UK. Her book ‘Self-Regulation Skills in Young Children’ is an essential handbook for all early years practitioners and parents as it provides a wider awareness of self-regulation in babies and young children and provides lots of fun ideas of how to promote coping strategies for them.
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Award winning international early childhood consultant

Award winning freelance Early Childhood Consultant. Writing and delivering accredited and non accredited early years training since 2004. I have a suite of early years training CPD courses for nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and nannies.  You can attend open, on-line events or book a bespoke face to face delivery to staff teams. I work with Local Authorities to provide support and deliver training and have worked on several DfE funded projects. I am a regular speaker at Childcare and Education Expo and Early Years TV and author of Self-Regulation Skills in Young Children.

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