Sarah Sharp from Tictock Therapy – support for families affected by Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD & Autism.

Sue in conversation with Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp is a professional who works in behavioural interventions, her back ground is Autism, an area she has worked in for many years, both in schools and delivering behaviour therapy in clients’ homes & clinical settings.
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Tictock Therapy provides support, information and therapy (CBiT) services not only to individuals with tics and Tourette’s syndrome but also to families and professionals alike. Sarah understands the sheer lack of services nationwide for those with tics and Tourette’s and is determined to make a differnece by providing education, empowerment and advocating for the tic and Tourette’s community. Tictock Therapy C.I.C is one of the only CBiT dedicated services nationwide, driven to make CBiT accessible to as many individuals and families as possible. Tictock Therapy C.I.C is run by Sarah Sharp, who is not only a trained CBiT therapist but also the parent of two children with Tourette’s and Co-Occurring conditions giving her first-hand experience of the challenges faced when trying to access support when raising Neurodiverse children.

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Connect with Sarah


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