Helen Lumgair – Author of ‘Using Stories to Support Learning and Development in Early Childhood’

Sue in conversation with Helen Lumgair

Helen Lumgair has worked internationally with a wide variety of clients, including heads of state. She holds a BA (Hons) in Early Years Teaching, a Montessori International Diploma and is a Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Mediator. Helen created the framework and initial lesson plans of the empathy-focused Think Equal curriculum which was recognised with a 2020 WISE award for innovation and the addressing of global educational challenges. Her current focus is on the story process and how it affects the lives of children.
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This book is an exploration of story and its importance in early childhood. It provides a thorough theoretical foundation, and considers how to practically implement the use of stories to aid children’s wellbeing and holistic development. The chapters cover topics including cognitive and emotional development, creativity, play, mathematics, language development, and trauma and healing. It is an ideal resource for early years practitioners, parents, and all those working in early childhood who are looking to encourage creativity, build agency and foster positive communication in children’s lives.

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Connect with Helen
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