How Food Shapes Your Child

Sue in conversation with Louise Mercieca

Change the way you think about the meals and snacks you give your child, for good.
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Louise has a real passion for nutrition. “It’s such a fascinating and influential subject and food can bring so much joy so I am very keen to spread this message!” Louise is married to Darren and they have a son Owen who has just turned five. Louise studied Clinical Nutrition and Life Sciences to become a nutrition expert and established The Health Kick in 2012. “As a parent a passionate runner and a self-proclaimed foodie, my mission is to arm fellow parents and those interested in healthy eating, as well as exercise lovers, with a foundation of knowledge about the types of food that promote good health.” Louise was inspired to write a nutritional cookbook for children after studying how food impacts on children’s brain development. This book brings together the nutritional science elements with fun, accessibly and tasty food. Louise is keen to spread her knowledge vis her online Early Rears Nutrition programmes and of course her award-winning book ‘”How Food Shapes Your Child’ which aims to educate people to make empowered food choices with practical advice and knowledge.
How Food Shapes Your Child – Mrs P and I have definitely been inspired with lots of recipes for the grandchildren.  The body facts were an interesting read too!” Theo Paphitis

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