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From print to TV, Sue makes a regular appearance...

Sue’s ongoing success has earned her the opportunity to appear in many of the UK’s newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Express, The Daily Mail and The Sun.

Sue’s TV, radio & magazine appearances include regular features on ITV ‘This Morning’ BBC News, Sky News, Good Morning Britain, Disney Family, LBC Radio, The Jeremy Vine Flagship Show on BBC Radio 2, The Vanessa Show on Channel 5, Psychologies Magazine, Primary Times, Closer, Bliss, Boots magazine as well as her regular Parenting Column in Parents World India Magazine with over 2+ million monthly readers.

Sue’s practical, guilt-free approach and caring attitude to parenting makes her a popular choice with organisations and the perfect choice for your interview, show or article.

Here’s what people have kindly said about working with Sue:

“Sue was truly fab to work with! She was always quick to respond to media requests and was extremely flexible with opportunities to enable the client to get the best possible coverage. Throughout her interviews she had the client at the heart and continually delivered authentic interviews. Not only that, but her specialist knowledge in her field adds tremendous value and makes her a perfect spokesperson  and media pro! I would work with Sue again in a heartbeat!”

Shelley Cukier from Broadcast Revolution

To contact Sue:

email: [email protected]

Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert

TV & Digital

As The Parenting Expert Sue is frequently invited to appear on TV shows around the world including ITV’s This Morning, Sky News & The BBC. If you’d like to find out Sue’s availability for your  newspaper, magazine, TV show, Media or Radio Day or for

  • School, Festival & Library Author Visits
  • Workshops
  • INSET Training
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Parents Information Evenings


Please contact

Ellie Powling

[email protected]

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  • The One-Year-Olds Too Violent For Nursery? ITV 'This Morning'

  • How important is World Book Day for kids? Channel 5 News

  • Living at home with Mum and Dad. Channel 5 News

  • Should You Ever Smack Your Children? Good Morning Britain

  • Mother Living In Fear Of Her Children. This Morning

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Sue has been invaluable to our family through some very difficult and upsetting times

Sue has been invaluable to our family through some very difficult and upsetting times. Not just with our children, which is why we initially engaged, but also giving support and counselling to me as a parent to help understand some of the complex psychological processes. She was always on hand and made every effort to communicate quickly as issues and circumstances arose. It never felt like an imposition, I felt our family benefited from an external support that gave clarity and strategy to emotional situations. Meeting in her home, in person at a convenient location, on skype, on the phone or via text Sue was always there to help us.

She applied a wide variety of techniques and methods and found a balance for each member of the family for individual and collective benefit.

I was very touched and heartened after our time together that she checked in so regularly afterwards to re-assure and generally bring positive motion to us as a family.

I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She has an infectious and caring personality and has a dis-arming demeanour that puts you in a place of ease and comfort.

Lewis Macleod
Karen Molan

Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked

“Sue has to be one of the most motivational people I know. She has an amazing spark that just rubs off on you. I can’t recall a time I have been in her company when I haven’t come away feeling pumped and raring to go. Sue is non-judgemental. Her advice is spot-on and insightful, and has always worked – no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue’s advice makes sense.”

Karen Molan - Skillsquest


Over the last 10 years Sue has been featured on many radio shows including The BBC, LBC and other independent radio stations. As The Parenting Expert her positive, guilt-free style makes her a popular choice for interviews, panels and hot-topic radio shows. To find out more get in touch.

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Sue’s media experience is vast, with regular appearances in many of the national daily papers, such as The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Times, and interviews in popular magazines such as Psychologies Magazine, Closer and Bliss. If you’d like to find out more about featuring Sue, please get in touch. h.

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