Tolerance in Troubled Times: Children’s Books To Help You Start Important Conversations.

Teaching children about tolerance and promoting diversity and inclusion is essential in today’s world. There are many lovely books for children that can help them understand the importance of tolerance and empathy.

Here are some recommended books that focus on tolerance and acceptance:

“We’re All Wonders” by R.J. Palacio: This picture book is based on the bestselling novel “Wonder” and encourages children to see the beauty in everyone and practice empathy.

“The Big Orange Splot” by Daniel Manus Pinkwater: This book teaches children the importance of embracing individuality and accepting differences.

“The Colors of Us” by Karen Katz: This beautifully illustrated book explores the diversity of skin colors and celebrates the idea that our world is made up of many different shades.

“The Sneetches and Other Stories” by Dr. Seuss: This classic Dr. Seuss book uses whimsical characters to highlight the absurdity of prejudice and discrimination.

“Strictly No Elephants” by Lisa Mantchev: This story emphasizes the importance of inclusion and kindness, especially when faced with exclusion.

“Last Stop on Market Street” by Matt de la Peña: This award-winning book showcases the beauty of diversity and the importance of appreciating what’s around us.

“The Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig: This story focuses on the power of small acts of kindness in helping a shy and overlooked boy feel included and valued.

“The Name Jar” by Yangsook Choi: This book explores the challenges of fitting in and finding acceptance as a young girl from Korea starts a new school in America.

“Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts: This book touches on themes of empathy and sacrifice as a boy learns the value of compassion over having the latest trendy shoes.

“Each Kindness” by Jacqueline Woodson: This poignant story emphasizes the importance of showing kindness and acceptance to others when you have the opportunity.

These books not only teach tolerance but also foster empathy and understanding in young readers. They are perfect for starting conversations about acceptance, diversity, and the value of treating others with respect and kindness.


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