Take Care Before You Share! by Samantha Williams

With the help of her magical dog, Pixel, Fizz embarks on an adventure to confront the online world. Together, they discover the power of responsible sharing and the importance of consent. Along the way, Fizz learns to approach the internet with caution and care, understanding that once something is shared, it can be difficult to undo.

“Take Care Before You Share” teaches young readers about the potential consequences of sharing personal information and images online. Through Fizz’s story, children will learn the value of open communication, seeking help from trusted adults, and taking control of their digital lives.

With charming illustrations and a captivating narrative, this picture book serves as a friendly guide to online safety. It empowers children to make informed decisions and be responsible digital citizens in a world filled with technology and endless possibilities.

Online Safety Consultant & co-author – Steve Shepherd

Take Care Before You Share! by Samantha Williams Book Cover


Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams is a children’s author and illustrator of books and resources that support the mental well-being of children and young people. With a primary focus on fostering emotional resilience and empowering young minds. Early on in her career, she would take on commissioned illustration work many of which were highly commended and one of her clients won the Mums Choice Awards for a picture book she illustrated called Before I Was Born. Samantha is also the founder of The Little Star Design Studio the online space dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues both on and offline.

Samantha says; “I see my books as conversation starters, for parents and teachers to be able to approach what might be a difficult topic for a child or young person, the research that goes onto the books and activities and all the subsidence supporting materials is quite extensive, but it is very necessary to be able to support parents and teachers with the materials they need to help make a difference in a child’s life.”

Samantha says “I don’t believe in hiding big ideas from children, but I do believe that supporting the adults in a child’s life the best we can help make a real and lasting difference.”

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