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Young people are growing up in a polarised society and amidst major world concerns, from war to climate change. Every child deserves the chance to be surrounded by empathetic adults, and to develop the crucial life skill of empathy.

We believe empathy is a beacon of hope in a divided world. We are the first organisation to build children’s empathy and social activism through a systematic use of high-quality literature. Our strategy is based on scientific evidence showing that empathy is learnable and that books are a powerful tool to build it.

Our mission is to raise an empathy-educated generation, inspired to build a better world for everyone. By 2026 we aim to benefit 1 million children, helping them learn more about empathy and develop their empathy skills.

Imagine every single child knowing what empathy is, and isn’t, and why is matters. Being skilled at putting themselves in others’ shoes, able to articulate and share their feelings. Being wonderful listeners, inspired to put empathy into action. Imagine the world being run by such a generation, with empathy a priority in their decision making and leadership! We dream of that world.



Here is a wonderful collection of books reviewed by Empathy Lab to help you

The 2024 Read for Empathy Collection


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