Raising Happy Children For Dummies by Sue Atkins

Covering toddlers to teens, boys and girls, Raising Happy Children For Dummies helps you better understand your kids and be the parent they need. Written by a parenting coach and mum, you’ll discover practical steps to strengthen and improve the relationship with your child so you can help build their self–esteem, increase their independence, and help them cope with life s ups and downs.

Discover how to understand your child′s behaviour; communicate effectively with kids of every age; enforce discipline that works; help your child settle at school; handle sibling rivalry; and build your child′s confidence.


Sue Atkins is ITV’s answer to ‘Super Nanny’ as ‘This Morning’ programme’s Parenting Guru. She also regularly contributes as parenting expert to BBC Breakfast television and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2.

Sue hosts her own regular ‘Ask Sue’ Parenting Q & A phone on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex and has written many books on parenting issues which are available on Amazon, in both paperback and digital format.

Sue’s books are easy to read and packed with the information and advice you need to be the best parent ever!

They include the Amazon best-selling ‘Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children’ & ‘Raising Happy Children for Dummies’ one in the famous black and yellow series.

Sue is passionate about parenting and sees it as her mission to help us bring up a new generation of happy, confident, successful kids and to really enjoy confident parenting and understand its challenges and rewards.

Sue says, ‘My vision is to inspire millions, one parent at a time, building confidence, positivity and harmony within families, enhancing and fine-tuning, not judging, criticising or blaming. I want to pat you on the back not point a finger at you!’

Sue is the mother of two so she knows the reality, not just the theory!

Sue has worked alongside Paul McKenna on his Easy Weight Loss Seminars in London, and has trained with the world famous Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins in Orlando.

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