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Young children can find it really frustrating when they are unable to explain what they are feeling and express their emotions. Molly Potter covers a whole range of emotions from those that are uncomfortable to happy feelings where you care about yourself and other people.

Perfect for starting those all-important conversations, It’s OK to Cry includes colourful illustrations, child-friendly strategies and vocabulary for managing feelings, and helpful notes for parents, carers and practitioners.



Molly Potter decided she wanted the job her teacher had when she was ten because it looked fun. A little over a decade later she saw her decision become reality and set to creating a classroom filled with excitement and laughter (alongside buckets of learning of course). She pushed, pulled, squashed, coiled and hammered learning objectives so that they would no longer fit inside the box and found that this not only made her pupils smile, it made them remember what they were meant to remember.

Molly eventually left the classroom to become a teacher trainer in all things PSHE. She enjoys training big kids too. This led Molly towards writing books that aimed to help young children with some of the more difficult aspects of life.

Molly Potter’s website includes a blog with posts that complement her picture books. Please go to:

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