Left Hand Writing Skills Book Series by Mark & Heather Stewart

So You Think They’re Left Handed?

LHWS Books 1, 2,3 and Schools version.

All the books have been designed to open vertically so that, when opened, the left-handed child doesn’t get their hand caught in the binding. Also all books have instructions which are helpful from both the parent/teacher aspect as well as the child. There are 2 icons on each work page, one showing pencil grip and the other for page position


“So You Think They’re Left Handed?”

This book helps parents and carers to spot the early signs of

side-dominance. It also provides 32 enjoyable structured activities for preschool children, 16 pre-letter formation pencil activities at 3 different levels, and 16 colouring and cutting activities again at 3 different levels. There is also a completion certificate. Each sheet c

ontains reminders for page position and pencil grip, and leads pre-school children through a range of different exercises designed as preparation for their school life.


Mark and Heather Stewart (both right-handed) started their “Left-handed” journey in 1992 when their youngest son showed strong signs of being left-handed. In fact, he is left-eye dominant, left-handed and left-footed!

With Heather being a Primary School teacher, they were immediately drawn to the educational side of being left-handed and found that there was minimal active help/training within the UK Education System.

Along with their left-handed Member of Parliament (MP), Peter Luff, they spearheaded the campaign to improve teacher training in this area. A number of questions were raised in the House of Commons and a Teacher Training Agency-endorsed video was produced to help teachers and parents of left-handed children. This campaign continues with their current MP Robin Walker.

They have co-written the “Left Hand Writing Skills” set of 3 Handwriting practise books for parents and Schools as well as designing a “Writewell” mat.

In August 2017, they also co-authored their latest book titled “So You Think They’re Left Handed?”, an information and activity book with drawing and cutting exercises for children aged 3-5yrs.

In June 2021, they designed 2 brand new products “The Left-Handers’ Handwriting Stickers” and “The Left-Handers’ Handwriting Table Guide”.

Mark has run training courses to such groups as Childminders, Early Years Practitioners, LEA training groups, Private and State schools over the past 25 years. He also ran one to the Paraprofessionals Annual Conference in Los Angeles in 2003.

His training guidelines have been endorsed by the Department for Education and Skills and were incorporated into The National Literacy Strategy.

He has featured on BBC TV ‘Really useful show’, BBC1’s Midlands Today, Radio 4’s ‘In Touch’ programme, Radio 5 Live, Radio Hereford & Worcester, Radio WM amongst many others.

Their website address is www.leftshoponline.co.uk

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