I need re-wired by Deborah Miller

A little autistic robot struggling to fit in with his friends but realising it’s good to be different.

Beep is a cute little robot who loves nothing more than playing with his friends. They have lots of fun together, but Beep sometimes feels he doesn’t fit in. You see, Beep has autism, and he views the world slightly differently from his friends, making it harder for him to join in their games. In this heart-warming story, it shows the obstacles Beep must face every day and his struggle to be accepted. It shows how he can find it hard to interact with his friends and how it makes him feel. Luckily, Mum is there to explain and help him understand that being different is not a bad thing, and it can even have its advantages.

The next day at nursery, Beep gets to prove this when his friend Roar can’t complete a puzzle that he finds too difficult. Beep steps in and helps him finish it as puzzles are easy for him. His friends tell Beep how they are happy that he is there to help them, and they think he is very clever – which he is! They wish they were as clever as him.

So, follow little Beep on his journey to find understanding and acceptance in a world that can appear scary and overwhelming for a little robot with autism.


Deborah Miller is 49 years old and lives just outside Glasgow in a place called Cumbernauld. She is married and the mother of two adult children, a boy and a girl.

She has studied social sciences and human biology and now devotes her time to writing children’s stories.

She has always enjoyed writing as a hobby for her kids and now wants to share her stories with others.

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