Eesha and The Mud Monster Mystery by Wendy Goucher

Eesha arrives in a new school in a new town and is bullied by text by some girls in her class. With the help of her ‘search engine’ Daxa (who is a red panda), she solves the mystery of how the girls got her number and captured an image of her that they edited to make her look like a monster. Through all this Eesha learns to protect herself and others from this form of cyber bullying.


After being a cyber security consultant for over 15 years Wendy Goucher now finds that, despite her range of work as a consultant specialising in cyber risk and assurance for organisations in the public and private sectors, she is often primarily recognised as the author of the ‘Nettie in Cyberland’ series. This series was her first adventure in using stories to gently introduce cyber safety very young children and their parents. Eesha comes from encouragement and feedback from taking those books into in the schools and talking to children – which is the best part of being an author.

When she is not being a cyber professional or an author she is probably engaged in the complicated relationship between a lady, her garden and what the wildlife that share it. Or she could be learning to ride a horse – that is a new hobby and one that takes a lot of her concentration.

Wendy is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and was a finalist in the ‘Security Woman of the Year’ in Computing’s Excellency Awards of 2023. Very recently she was accepted to become a member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists which is an organisation where philanthropy meets gastronomy – with fun thrown in on top.

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