Alfie and Pepper Meet the New Baby by Sian Lewin

Each day Alfie and Pepper wake up and have a little adventure. They are 2 dogs and experience lots of fun together and each story has a little life lesson. They start and finish each day in their beds, showing children it’s a great place to be. The visit a Farm Park, the seaside, a new baby, a narrowboat, a Christmas Tree and a village fete, plus a new story on the way about moving house.

Book Cover for Alfie and Pepper Meet the New Baby by Sian Lewin


Author Sian Lewin smiling holding 2 of her books

I started writing when I had Hairy Cell Leukaemia in 2012. The stories are based on my two real dogs and many of the adventures they have done. I originally trained as an actress and love the idea of becoming discovered one day! I am married and have two of my own children and 2 stepchildren. My husband and I have 9 grandchildren between us. I love writing and recording my stories, giving the dogs their characters and the characters they meet. I love walking and many of my ideas come to me whilst I am out. I love recording and thinking about different voices.

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