After The Split by Danielle Barbereau

‘After the Split’ was the first book of its kind. It is a short, simple guide to going through and emerging from a painful breakup. Danielle wrote ‘After the Split’ from the heart, after working with hundreds of clients, all at a very painful time in their life, who need help to disentangle confused emotions. She wanted to help them emerge, gain perspective and clarity, make difficult decisions, cope when progress is slow, work through the breakup, and prepare to move forward with their lives.  Real stories are used in the book.

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I founded my coaching practice in 2010 becoming the UK’s first specialist divorce coach. Since then, I have worked with over 1,400 clients face to face; more than anyone else in the UK. I developed my own method to help clients emerge/recover from a painful break-up. This set a trend and has now been adopted as the way to recover from heartbreak. My clients are exclusively referred by family lawyers, and word of mouth. I am proud of my solid reputation for quality and integrity. As a family consultant and coach, I work along other professionals (lawyers, mediators, finance specialists) to find solutions to family matters. My work is professional and highly praised. At a time of confusion and guilt, I particularly enjoy the challenge of giving clients clarity of thought and strength. This enables them to make rational decisions about their future and give clear instructions to their lawyers. I have never stopped loving my work and am fascinated by the uniqueness of each client’s experience of divorce. I dislike one-size-fits-all responses to the pain of separation. I like to work at ‘the emotional frontline.’ Currently, I am writing my first novel, based in my deep understanding of how relationships work (or not). Watch this space!

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