Are You A ‘Phubber?’ 😳

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The Phubbing Epidemic

I learnt a new word this morning‼️

The word “phubber” is used to describe a person who pays too much attention to their smartphone!

Phubbing, a contraction of the words “phone snubbing,” is the act of ignoring a person you’re with in favour of using your mobile phone!

Who knew? 🤷‍♀️

Are you a ‘phubber?’ 😳

Are you ever guilty of ‘phubbing’ even for just a moment or two?

How does it make you feel if someone you’re with does it to you?

I know I get angry at being ignored – so what do you do if your kids are ‘phubbers?’

Here are a couple of questions to ‘pause to ponder’ 🤔

📱Which times of the day are most important for our family to be device-free, such as during meals or before bedtime?

📱How can we establish consistent routines and expectations around device-free times?

📱How can we make meal times more fun & something we can all look forward to – chatting & connecting instead of just nagging about eating broccoli or getting off smartphones?

📱 Eating together & chatting, laughing & listening is becoming a dying art yet simple conversations that revolve around personal wellbeing, emotions, and stories throughout the day nurture a child’s mental health, wellbeing, self esteem & feelings of belonging. A lot is happening when we put down our mobile phone & talk with ( not at) each other.

Undoubtedly, smartphones and social media are now necessary for us to go about our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean we need to be involved with them 24/7.

We just need to learn to separate ourselves from technology sometimes & model that for our kids don’t we?

How do you handle phones at the table?

Download my free guide around Tips and Scripts to help you start those tricky conversations with your kids around smartphones

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