Embrace the Unusual: Innovative Employee Well-Being Ideas.

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Promoting employee well-being and mental health is crucial for creating a healthy and productive work environment.

It’s quite straightforward to find lots of advice and ideas for employees wellbeing but here are some unusual ideas and suggestions that employers could consider:

Which one are you going to try?

Wellness Retreats: Instead of the traditional team-building events, organize wellness retreats where employees can disconnect from work, practice mindfulness, and learn stress management techniques.

Nap Pods: Install nap pods in the office to encourage short power naps during the day, which can boost productivity and reduce stress.

Flexible “Work from Anywhere” Policies: Allow employees to work from locations that make them happiest and most comfortable, such as a park, beach, or cozy cafe.

Pet-Friendly Offices: Permit employees to bring their pets to work, as interacting with animals can reduce stress and increase happiness.

Art and Creativity Spaces: Create dedicated spaces for art and creative activities where employees can explore their artistic side, which can be therapeutic.

Outdoor Meetings: Hold meetings and brainstorming sessions outdoors, incorporating nature and fresh air into the workday.

Mental Health Days: Offer additional paid days off specifically designated as “mental health days” for employees to focus on self-care without the need for an explanation.

Professional Development Budget: Provide a budget for employees to spend on courses, workshops, or hobbies unrelated to their job, encouraging personal growth and stress relief.

Workplace Meditation Rooms: Designate quiet spaces for meditation and relaxation, equipped with comfortable seating, calming music, and guided meditation resources.

Random Acts of Kindness: Encourage employees to perform random acts of kindness for their colleagues, creating a culture of support and positivity.

Onsite Therapists or Counsellors: Offer onsite counseling or therapy services to provide easy access to mental health support.

Virtual Reality Relaxation: Set up VR stations where employees can take virtual trips to serene and relaxing environments to unwind during breaks.

Laughter Yoga Sessions: Arrange regular laughter yoga sessions, which combine laughter exercises with deep breathing to reduce stress and boost mood.

Financial Wellness Programmes: Provide financial planning workshops or access to financial advisors to help employees manage financial stress.

Subscription Services: Offer subscriptions to mindfulness apps, fitness programs, or audiobook services as part of employee benefits.

Personalised Wellness Plans: Develop personalized well-being plans for employees, including fitness, diet, and mental health recommendations.

Sabbatical Programmes: Introduce sabbatical opportunities for employees after a certain number of years with the company, allowing them to pursue personal passions or take extended breaks.

Volunteer Time Off: Provide paid time off for employees to engage in volunteer work, which can boost happiness and sense of purpose.

Well-Being Challenges: Organise friendly competitions related to well-being goals, like steps taken, meditation minutes, or acts of kindness.

Mental Health First Aid Training: Offer training to employees on how to provide support to colleagues experiencing mental health challenges.

Remember that not all of these ideas may be suitable for every workplace, and it’s essential to consult with employees and tailor well-being initiatives to their preferences and needs. Additionally, it’s crucial to foster a culture that destigmatizes mental health issues and encourages open communication.

Boost Belonging, Mental Health and Wellbeing in Your Workplace with Sue Atkins

Investing in the wellbeing of your employees is proven to lead to higher performance, increased resilience, and better employee engagement. It also helps prevent stress which leads to a positive working environment for everyone.

Healthy workplaces help your employees thrive: encouraging them to work to their full potential.

We know that employees who feel they have higher well-being also:

  • Enjoy their work more
  • Are less likely to leave
  • Are more loyal to their teams
  • Are more likely to recommend their organisation

Supporting the whole person goes beyond flexible schedules and extra days off. Single parents, divorcing parents, new parents, burned out parents, widowed parents, LGBTQ+ parents — there are many parents in the workplace that require specific care and support. It’s up to great employers to address these needs and bring employees back into balance and to nurture their wellbeing

Get in touch if you’d like me to speak with your organisation and employees: Boost Belonging, Mental Health and Wellbeing in Your Workplace with Sue Atkins

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