What to do when they say “I’m BORED!” – let the BORED JAR do the talking!

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I get asked a great deal about what to do or say when the kids moan ‘I’m bored’   & I always suggest making a ‘I’m Bored Jar’

With busy weekends, summer holidays, working from home & hybrid working – it’s is the perfect time to put together yours and they are simple, quick and fun to make.

Find a lovely jam jar and decorate it with glitter and other crafty things and then get your kids to write on some slips of paper lots of fun, simple, inexpensive ideas for things to do to pop into the jar.

So when they moan. ‘I’m bored’ they can pick out something from their jar and voila – they have something to do, make or play.

You can include – building a den, going to the library, playing badminton in the garden, go mini beast hunting, painting a rainbow, planting potatoes in the garden, jumping on the trampoline, going for a bike ride, having a picnic in the park, baking biscuits, playing with Lego, reading a book, climbing a tree, making up a puppet play, making an obstacle course, feeding the ducks, to walking the dog.

You get the idea!

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