The Importance Of ‘Me’ Time for Mums

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The concept of “me time” can be laughable and guilt-inducing for many busy mums. But it’s a healthy, necessary part of modern parenting.

It’s not selfish – it’s self-care and vital to help you cope with living with kids!

I coach loads of mums  and dads around balancing their lives as most of us put ourselves really low on the pecking order of priorities – BUT getting a much needed rest is vital for your well being,  patience and sense of humour.

‘Me’ time replenishes your energy.

‘Me’ time re – charges your batteries.

‘Me’ time rejuvenates your spirit and gives you a sense of perspective.

Hey Mama, Here Are 14 Ways to Find Time for Yourself

  • Ditch the guilt!
  • Make chores a family affair.
  • Meet up with friends without your kids!
  • Phone a friend for a chat.
  • Get moving – go for a walk in nature.
  • Have a bath with scented candles
  • Read or listen to a book or read a trashy magazine!
  • STOP social media scrolling & comparing!
  • Know your triggers to overwhelm and take a break
  • Discover a new low key hobby
  • Blast out your favourite music
  • Treat yourself to your favourite meal
  • Do Nothing! Breathe. Repeat
  • Laugh?


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