Rise Above The Slippage! Some Ideas for Summer Reading Success

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I was interviewed on BBC Radio Hereford about Summer Reading Slippage – where kids can lose a significant amount of what they’ve learnt during the previous academic year, potentially undoing months of hard work, which means the Autumn Term becomes all about catching up not moving forward straight away.

It’s not too late to help get kids off screens & back into reading before school starts

Here are some of my ideas?

?Set the Example:

Demonstrate your own interest in reading by making time for books, magazines, or newspapers. Children often mimic your behaviour .

?Designate Reading Time:

Establish a regular reading time each day where screens are put away and everyone in the family reads. Make it a pleasant & fun routine.

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?Create A Cosy Reading Nook:

Set up a comfortable & inviting reading space at home that makes reading more appealing than screen time

?Offer Variety:

Provide a variety of reading materials that match your child’s interests, including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, or magazines.

?Library Visits:

Take your child to the library & let them choose books they’re excited about. Library trips can be engaging & fun.

?Family Book Club:

Choose a book as a family & read it together. Plan regular chats where everyone can share their thoughts.

?Limit Screen Time:

Set clear limits on screen time & offer reading as a productive alternative. Gradually decrease screen time while increasing reading time.

?Make Reading Interactive:

Engage in activities related to the books your child reads, such as art projects, role-playing, or creating their own stories.

?Read Aloud:

Read aloud to your child, regardless of their age. This can instill a love for stories & make reading a shared experience.

?Connect to Interests:

Choose books that align with your child’s hobbies or interests. They’re more likely to engage with reading if it relates to their passions.

?Reward System:

Consider a rewards system where consistent reading earns small rewards or privileges.

?Read at Bedtime: 

No matter how old your kids are they still like to be read to. My kids loved listening to Harry Potter as we read it together – even kids older than 9 love listening – and don’t forget there’s always audio books for reluctant readers !

?Be Patient:

Transitioning from screens to reading may take time. Be patient and encourage progress, celebrating small achievements.

?Encourage Peer Interaction:

Organise book clubs or reading circles with your child’s friends to make reading a social activity.

?Use Technology Wisely:

If your child enjoys screens, consider using e-readers or audiobooks to bridge the gap between screens & reading.

Remember, the goal is to create a positive reading environment that sparks curiosity and enthusiasm.

Be flexible & tailor your approach based on your child’s personality and preferences & it’s never too late to start!

When I was teaching I always told parents to read a little every day with younger children not just a lot on one day – make it fun & enjoyable & create habits with older children that will last a lifetime

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