Revive and Thrive: The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Parents

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I’ve written about the importance of ‘Me Time’ many times as it’s a healthy, necessary part of  parenting.

It’s not selfish – it’s self-care and vital to help you cope with family life.

I coach loads of mums  and dads around balancing their lives as most of us put ourselves really low on the pecking order of priorities – BUT getting a much needed rest is vital for your well being,  patience and sense of humour.

‘Me’ time replenishes your energy.

‘Me’ time re – charges your batteries.

‘Me’ time rejuvenates your spirit and gives you a sense of perspective.

There are lots of self care tips & advice out there so I thought I’d share some more unusual  self-care ideas for working parents to offer unique and refreshing ways to rejuvenate and unwind.

Here are some creative and unconventional self-care ideas:

Nature Retreat: Plan a solo nature retreat, even if it’s just for a day. Spend time outdoors, hike in the wilderness, or relax by a quiet lake to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Sensory Exploration: Create a sensory exploration station with various items like scented candles, essential oils, soft fabrics, and relaxing music. Take time to indulge in a sensory journey to relax your mind.

Adult Colouring Books: Engage in colouring books designed for adults. The act of colouring can be meditative and provide a much-needed break from daily stresses.

Silent Retreat: Consider attending a silent retreat where you can enjoy solitude and reflection without the pressure of engaging in conversation.

Laughter Therapy: Watch a comedy show, attend a laughter yoga class, or listen to a funny podcast to experience the healing power of laughter.

Stargazing Night: Set up a cosy spot in your back garden or a nearby park and spend an evening stargazing. It’s a great way to connect with the universe and find moments of tranquility.

Dance Party for One: Turn up the music and have a dance party in the comfort of your home. Let loose and enjoy moving to the beat.

Artistic Expression: Engage in a creative outlet you might not have tried before, such as pottery, poetry writing, or learning a musical instrument.

Random Acts of Kindness: Perform random acts of kindness for strangers, friends, or colleagues. Doing something thoughtful for others can be rewarding and uplifting.

Floatation Tank Experience: Try a sensory deprivation floatation tank experience, which can promote deep relaxation and a sense of weightlessness.

Forest Bathing: Spend time in a forest or natural setting and practice “Shinrin-yoku,” a Japanese practice of “forest bathing” for stress reduction and improved well-being.

Gardening Therapy: If you have a garden or even a few potted plants, spend time tending to them. Gardening can be therapeutic and meditative.

Journaling Retreat: Go on a journaling retreat to a quiet location and spend time reflecting, writing, and gaining insights into your thoughts and feelings.

Sound Healing: Attend a sound healing session where soothing sounds and vibrations can help you relax and find inner peace.

Virtual Cultural Exploration: Take a virtual tour of a museum, art gallery, or historical site from around the world to experience different cultures and broaden your horizons.

Remember that self-care is personal, and the key is to find activities that resonate with you and bring you joy. Trying unusual self-care ideas can add excitement and novelty to your self-care routine, enhancing its overall effectiveness in supporting your well-being as a working parent.

Remember no guilt ! Self care is not selfish – it’s crucial to your wellbeing & mental health.

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