Shaping Self-Esteem: Promoting Positive Body Image With Your Kids

When discussing body image with your kids, it’s important to promote a positive & healthy perspective. Here are some tips to guide your conversation: Start Early: Begin discussing body image and self-acceptance at an early age. This helps establish a foundation of positive body image & self-esteem. Emphasise  Inner Qualities: Encourage your child to value […]

Why Leaving Kids Home Alone Isn’t Worth the Risk

Leaving children home alone under the age of 16 can pose various dangers and risks, as younger children may not possess the necessary maturity, judgment, and skills to handle emergencies or make responsible decisions. Here are some potential dangersj associated with leaving children home alone under 16: Safety hazards: Young children may be more susceptible […]

Beauty, Imagination & Stereotypes : Unpacking the Pros and Cons of Barbie

My daughter was never a huge fan of Barbie, but then neither was I as a child, but after  decades of criticism that its best-selling doll fails to accurately reflect a woman’s proportions, Mattel has released three new body shapes to its iconic Barbie line ! The body types unveiled  were – curvy, tall and […]