Why is Parenthood so Monotonous?

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I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my friend Nicky pondering the guilt I felt around finding some aspects of parenting monotonous.

It goes without saying that you, like me, adore your kids but I did find some aspects of raising them repetitive. We all know that kids thrive on routine and consistency but we need a little variety to thrive too as parents.

So, I’m here to help you ditch the guilt but also to help you shake up your routines.

Parenthood can indeed feel monotonous at times, but there are things you can do to break up the routine and find more fulfillment in your role as a parent.

Here are a few ideas:

Get creative: Find ways to add variety to your daily routines. This could mean trying out new recipes, planning different activities with your children, or exploring new places in your local area.

Connect with other parents: Join a parenting group or attend parenting events in your community. This can be a great way to meet other parents who are going through similar experiences and share ideas and support.

Make time for self-care: It’s important to take care of yourself as well as your children. Make time for activities that you enjoy, whether that’s reading, exercising, or spending time with friends.

Set goals: Think about what you want to achieve as a parent, whether that’s helping your child develop a new skill or building stronger relationships with your family members. Setting goals can help give you a sense of purpose and motivation.

Practice mindfulness: Being present in the moment and focusing on the positive aspects of your role as a parent can help you find more meaning and satisfaction in your daily routines.

Remember, parenting is a challenging but rewarding journey, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed or bored at times. By taking steps to add more variety, connect with others, and prioritise your own well-being, you can find more joy and fulfillment in your role as a parent.

How do you handle it?

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