Parenting Sunshine Using Your Head, Your Heart & Your Gut ☀️

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Did you know you have three brains?

Bet that surprised you!

You might have read that Neuroscience now tells us that we each have three brains. The one we most often think about and pay attention to is the “head” or cephalic brain. The heart (cardiac) and a gut (enteric) brain.

Each has sensory neurons, motor neurons, ganglia, and neurotransmitters. They are able to take in information, process it, store it and access it when needed. They are all true brains!

I like to call these three brains – your HEAD brain, your HEART brain, and your GUT brain.

The three brains are like an orchestra, with billions of neurons cooperating to produce a wonderful harmonic symphony all playing in tune, with you as the Conductor.

Your Head analysis information & applies logic.

Your Heart senses the world through emotion.

Your Gut uses intuition, instinct & inner knowing.

And the good news is is that you are the Conductor creating order to the orchestra!

The Role of  Your Three Brains

Although your  head, heart, and gut brains work together, they have obvious different physical, mental & spiritual functions and they also perform different mental and emotional roles.

  • Your head brain analyses information and applies logic & reasoning
  • Your heart brain senses the world through emotion & feelings.
  • Your gut brain is used for understanding who you are in the world & your gut brain also helps you to learn self-preservation by teaching you to follow your instinct & intuition & it’s that  “gut feeling” we all feel at times.

Getting to know & become more familiar with using these 3 brains can create parenting sunshine ??

Here’s a super simple exercise that I hope you’ll find helpful.

The Parenting Made Easy

Three Brains Breathing Exercise.

Close your eyes and relax make sure that you won’t be interrupted.

Breath into each area to activate each of the three brains.

Start by breathing deeply 3–6 times into your head, then move down to your chest, and finally to your lower abdomen (just below your belly button). Your One Point.

You don’t need to do anything; just close your eyes, breathe, and notice what happens as you bring your attention into each area of the three brains.

This exercise will help you to look internally for your own answers on what is right for you.

With practice, you will begin to trust your own thoughts and feelings.


Focus on a problem you are experiencing right now in your life or a decision you need to make.

Breathe  into each of your three brains and the following questions:

  1. As you breathe into your HEAD, ask yourself: What do I think about this situation?

       2. As you breathe into your CHEST, ask yourself: How do I feel about this situation?

       3. As you breathe into your GUT, ask yourself: What are my gut instincts or inner voice telling me to do?

Write down the answers or insights you come up with, then follow through with what feels right for you.

Use your thinking brain and words to express your feelings and inner voice (intuition) in a respectful and honest way with the people & family in your life.

Listen to your heart and how you really feel.

Honour your feelings by expressing or saying what feels right for you.

Listen to your gut instincts and learn to trust your inner voice, then act on what are good choices for you to make in life.

How did you get on? Love to hear your story.




Thanks to Karen Jenson author of ‘Three Brains’

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