It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint – Wellness Family Plan

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Wellness Family Plan

You may be adjusting to the new way of working  but it may be tricky now the kids are at home again if you’re still, or back, working from home.

The novelty has worn off for many and the stress of juggling is still relentless & doesn’t get any easier in fact as this whole process takes its time it also takes its toll on your long term wellbeing.

You are probably the linchpin in your whole family’s wellbeing so it’s imperative that you take good care of yourself.

It’s not selfish – it’s self care.

So, how about creating a Wellbeing Action Plan ?

I believe things that get written down, get done.

It doesn’t take long but it’ll transform your wellbeing.

Grab a cup of coffee and jot down (& commit to doing) some small thing each day to nurture your spirit & brighten your soul.

This week I’ll pop up a few top tips on how to support your wellbeing at home.

  1. Identify your triggers

We’re all different

What affects someone else’s mental wellbeing won’t necessarily affect yours in the same way.

It’s not a competition ? or a one size  fits all ?

Whether it’s challenges at work or the circumstances you currently find yourself in at home, we all have times where we feel stressed, upset, frustrated, exhausted, just plain bored or find it difficult to cope, especially at the moment.

Working out what triggers you to feel those strong emotions can help you anticipate problems and find solutions to them before they spiral out of control.

Whether it’s taking in too much negative news and social media around Covid, or juggling a heavy workload, finding out your triggers can help.

So jot down what overwhelms, frustrates or annoys you and just pause to ponder what you could do this week to address it.

Delegate, ask for help or say ‘No’ to something small as that will empower you.

It will lift your spirit, enhance your self confidence & make you feel back in control in this particular aspect of your life.

The start of a new week is the perfect time to start a new little habit.

I always say to the parents that I work with ‘change happens quickly but habits take a little longer’

Make a small change this week & give yourself the gift of looking after yourself – because we can all see that it’s going to be a marathon not a sprint.

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