Luna™ is Lighting up the World for Young Eyes During the Darkness of Lockdown

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Teen Body Clock – How It’s Affected By Screens


Luna™ and her family are the host of a series of ‘tiktok’ style videos. They are designed to help young people understand how light affects their health and happiness.  And, more importantly, what they can do about it.

?There are five topics. Each responds to questions from young people:

  • body clocks,
  • teen sleep patterns
  • mood
  • flicker
  • myopia

Each topic has three elements: a 40 second short video, a longer resource video for teachers and parents, and an interview with the scientist who advised and checked the material before publication.


The project is inspired by Dr Shelley James’s brilliant nieces and god-children during lock-down. She saw them struggle to study and stay sane during the long locked-in days of the first, and then the second lock-down here in the UK. She knew that better light would make the world of difference to them. But she couldn’t find any practical, science-backed information to point them to. And the information she could find was not designed for the young people themselves.

?So, Shelley created her own!

Shelley says, ‘It is a privilege to share the work of a remarkable team of scientists and educators from around the world. And very grateful to the foundation sponsors, Fagerhult, Signify and Seoul Semiconductor, who have make it possible to bring Luna to life.’


Dr Shelley James started promoting her first two videos via Facebook on the 11th of February.

And by lunchtime on the 12th, the videos had been seen by over 5,000 young people.

There are so many simple, mostly free things we can all do to use the power of light for good – and clearly a hunger from young people themselves.

Amazing things happen when we work together and we’re so glad to have you on the team!

Light after Dark – The Impact of The ‘Blue Light’



Flicker causes a multitude of eye issues, including eye strain and eye fatigue

Myopia – short sightedness



 Mood –  there have been several studies that suggest higher levels of screen use in children and adolescents is associated with reduced physical activity, increased risk of depression, and lower wellbeing.

Luna Golightly and family

The Luna™ Go Lightly series was conceived by Dr Shelley James, Founder of the Age of Light Innovation Group and is supported by industry leaders #Fagerhult#Signify#seoulsemiconductor, with additional medical scientific validation by a number of experts.

Let’s reach every kid and family for a better future !

Thanks to all participants Sue Atkins  Cosmin Ticleanu Joye Newman Carol Stock Kranowitz Sophie Bostock, PhD Nilong VyasDenize Atan Mark Williams Henrik Clausen and many more!

Click here to check out light for learning in lock-down



There are five videos for teachers with more resources.
teen body clock –


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