As It All Ends in Tiers: Keep On Adapting & Do What My Dear Old Dad Used to Say…

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We’ve all got to think of creative  ways to celebrate this Covid Christmas.


Before we went into Tier 4 I had a contingency plan that went something like this:

We’re going for it. We’re going to sit under the big outside bauble decorated tree all fully lit up since the Summer, fire up the outside log burner, put loads of lights up, get wrapped up  & wear our elves hats and eat Christmas dinner in the garden & play the usual Christmas tunes.

Bending not breaking through uncertainty & constant change.

Well, now our kids can’t visit this year but Christmas is not cancelled it’s just different.

Of course I’m hugely disappointed but I’ve chosen to focus on being grateful for our health, our wonderful kids & their lovely partners & for being able to be together online even despite the strangest time in living memory.

As my dear old Dad ALWAYS used to say to me ‘Life is what YOU make it!’ – never was his advice so true as now.

It’s sad, it’s disappointing but it’s important to keep ourselves and the older members of our family safe until we’ve all had the vaccine.

Choose to get  in the spirit and adapt…… that’s all within our control & instead of railing which makes you angry, upset & disempowered focus on what you  can do – it will help you to feel better.



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