The Sue Atkins Wednesday Parenting Story – If you’re good to life, life will be good to you.

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Here’s today’s story from my never ending notebook and ever lasting coloured pencil !

If you’re good to life, life will be good to you.

The Master looked into the face of the young monk,and behind the eyes he could read that the boy’s life would not stretch a month more. Illness would take him as the signs surely predicted.

With compassion and sadness, he sent the little monk home so he could at least die surrrounded by his family in the gentle hills of his homeland.

When two months later the young monk returned in great spirits and rude health, the Master’s amazement was matched by his delight. And this time what the monk read behind the boy’s eyes was that having overcome obstacles he would now survive into ripe old age.

The Master, curious to find out how the little monk had cheated Fate, quizzed the boy with many questions about his journey home. The boy mentioned that, among other things, he had saved a colony of ants from a flood. He had carefully placed a stick across a swollen stream so they had access to an escape route.

“Aha!” said the Master. “That is what makes all the difference! If you’re good to life, life will be good to you.”

~A Zen Story taken from “More Magic of Metaphor” by Nick Owen

Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness can create real change in the world and within your family. Doing random acts of kindness shows compassion and helps us to feel different, more vital and full of energy. It opens us up to possibilities and hope and stops us closing us down to selfishness and despair.

It creates the ethos of “team spirit” and an atmosphere of sharing so essential for happy family life.

It can build bridges not walls between us.

It can also make a real difference in the world.

Every crisis you face as an individual gives you the opportunity to grow, dig deep and find your inner resolve and personal genius.

So what is this story saying to you?

What act of kindness can you do for your partner, mother in law, neighbour, teenage son?

How will that make you feel?

What benefits will that have on your family relationships?

There’s something magical about doing a random act of kindness, where a person gives without expecting anything in return and for no particular reason – what will you do today & how would that benefit your children if you taught them to do the same?

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