Be Your Own Cheerleader ?

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Let’s be honest life can be really  hard at the best of times, but it’s even tougher at the moment.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a professional cheerleader just to follow you around all day and cheer you on?

Someone that kept telling you you’re doing a great job even when you get stuff wrong, lose your temper & burn the toast ?

So just let’s take a breath &  ‘Pause to Ponder’ ….

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

I want you to stop now and think about it. Write it down, or say it out loud.

Take a minute and think of all the people in your life and answer the question.

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

Who is the person who is the greatest source of encouragement and positivity in your life?

If you are like most people, there is someone who fills that role.

Maybe there is more than one person.

Hopefully, there are many.

Is it a parent, spouse, best friend, or perhaps someone you have known your entire life…someone who has always been a big fan, and tends to lift you up when you are down…someone who encourages you?

It’s odd isn’t it how sometimes we collect these cheerleaders in our life at a time when we most need them, and they stay around long after the others have left.

Who came to mind?

These are wonderful relationships to have & are special & important.

This group is all about supporting, nurturing & encouraging each other as we bring up our families.

But I’m intrigued …   why didn’t YOU come to mind when I asked that question?

Did you add yourself to your cheerleaders?

This isn’t about being arrogant, conceited, or narcissistic, or thinking that you’re ‘totally amazing ’

This is about pondering how to encourage, nurture & believe in yourself as the world is full of challenges, obstacles, and plenty of reasons to be discouraged, confused or dispirited.

I wonder how your life would change if you took more responsibility for your confidence.

We often give away our power to others and then get frustrated when they can’t deliver what we need, when we need it.

Perhaps it’s time to grab your own cheerleading pom-poms and amp up the volume of the voice in your head that’s kind, encouraging & positive.

In my ‘Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower’????? one of the daily exercises I ask the kids to do is to look in the mirror when they’re brushing their teeth & say out loud

‘I am Special because… ‘

It can range from being a great dancer to being a great friend, from being good with numbers to being reliable.

It can be anything that springs to mind & not just about achievements.

It’s a great habit to get into to build confidence so why not try it too just for this week.

I guarantee it’ll change your mood, your outlook and your confidence.

What are you saying to yourself?

  • Are your words mostly negative?
  • Are they mostly positive?
  • Are they mostly neutral?
  • Do you beat yourself up or are you your own best friend?

It’s extremely important for you to own self-confidence as you pass on confidence to your kids.

We all need people in our lives that believe in us don’t we?

So why don’t you make your biggest cheerleader ? yourself & give my idea of saying daily affirmations a go?

Fill your head with positive thoughts, positive images, or a positive quote of the day.

Turn off the news & turn off the unkind voice in your head – small baby steps will strengthen your self-confidence and help you to be your own biggest cheerleader!

What a wonderful gift to give yourself this week.

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