The Behaviour Blogs Series ~ Part 3 The Problem is NOT Your Child……

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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I think it helps to shift your perspective away from damaging your child’s self esteem to looking at the problem.

Here’s a simple way to do that – just say inside your head when you are getting stressed or wound up….

The problem is the problem – not my child.

Detach the behaviour from your child.

You love your child, not their behaviour.

Become a Dectective to see what’s beneath the behaviour.

Work out which of my Positive Pillars  is missing:

Is your child not feeling connected to you?

Are they not feeling capable & competent or able to have some influence in some way? Do you need to give them a more independence?

Are they not feeling important or significant so are acting up to get your attention?

Are they lacking feeling brave & courageous to try something & they need your reassurance?


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