Parenting in a Pandemic – Life After Lock Down – What Worries You?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins



I’d like your help.

I’m thinking of creating some videos to help you cope with the ‘new normal’

So what sort of things are really worrying you at the moment ?

Are you worried about your kids going back to school?

Are you worried about your kids going out and about?

Are you worried about your teens & their screens?

Are you waiting for a vaccine ?

How are you looking after yourself – would you like some ideas around taking care of yourself?

As MP’s warn of ‘epidemic’ of unemployment among parents if schools don’t reopen are you worried?

Have you  had to voluntarily reduce your hours and take a pay cut?

Have you been furloughed ?

Are your kids finding it hard to sleep ?

Are you battling boredom?

Are you frazzled still juggling working from home while entertaining the kids now there’s no need to home school as it’s the Summer Holidays?

Are you worried about your teenager’s university experience being curtailed, restricted or purely done online?

What keeps you up at night?

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