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For me, living is the little things.

It’s noticing the small magic moments of the everyday.

I was coming out of my hotel room on holiday recently as a taxi driver was proudly finishing off waxing his black Mercedes carrier. It gleamed in the hot sun & I admired his hard work. He gave a wide and genuinely surprised smile, delighted with my compliments of having noticed the pride he had in keeping his black vehicle spotless despite the rain of Tropical Storm Karen.

We exchanged a simple few minutes chatting & I felt the warmth of connection & it struck me that life is full of ‘Magical Moments’ if we take the time to notice them, share them & celebrate them.

There are magical moments in every day.

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This week my #MagicMomentMonday came from the lovely weekend I had in Wales with my son and his girlfriend – meeting her family for the first time.

We watched Wales play in the World Cup quarter finals quite a noisy affair, we ate bacon and egg baps with lashings of tomato sauce, we laughed, shouted at the telly and I felt surrounded by lovely, warm people & it was lovely to see how at ease my son was with his girlfriend’s family.

This got me thinking about how we build memories for our children, young or old.

The reason that weekend is so emotional for me is because I realised that we are all so busy chasing those big “Rainbow” moments that we often forget about the small, everyday shiny ones.

I started thinking about this concept years ago, when I read about how having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ can really help your mental health and wellbeing.

Apart from writing in a Gratitude Journal have you ever thought of creating a Memory Jar?

Creating a Memory Jar is a really simple and fun way to notice the small, as well as the big, moments in your family life.

It’s a brilliant way to remember when your family have experienced a joyful moment together.

You can make them as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s birthdays or Christmas.

Memories are Verbs. There is action in memories.

We have to see something, hear something, notice something or do something for it feel like a true memory.

How To Make A Memory Jar.

Choose a jar or box to hold your notes.

Find a jar of your choice and clean/empty it of other items.

Print, label, cut out and glue to the front of the jar your names and write a meaningful message.

Decorate it with ribbon, glitter, buttons or fabric to personalise it.

Find a comfortable place and fill out your post it notes with personalised memories.

When you are having a great time just make a mental note to drop it into your memory jar later. Your kids will remind you if they are young, I bet!

You can pop in silly songs, funny stories, trips — big and little, far and near, special meals, playdates, things Grandma always says, milestones and achievements no matter how small, your traditions, picnics that were fun, games you play together, silly sayings, films you’ve loved watching ……

I particularly like these ideas for a Mother’s Day Jar

Funny Memories

These memories are for the times when you belly laughed to tears with your mum.

Here’s a few starters.

You made me laugh when _____

We belly laughed for hours that time _____

You told me a funny joke to cheer me up and _____

I was sick and you _____

You called me and we_____

You texted me this _____

You wrote me that card and I _____

I remember when you told me this joke _____

Sentimental Memories

These are the times your mum was there for you through the hard moments. She lifted you up when you were down:

I was having a hard day and you _____

You consoled me and _____

I was going through a tough breakup and you _____

I felt lonely and you _____

I had heard bad news and you _____

You taught me to never give up _____

You showed me there was light in darkness _____

I was upset and you _____

Early Memories

These are the memories you had growing up, and memories of the milestones that the two of you shared. From primary school, to your first day of college, these are the memories you will remember as she guided you into adulthood.

You taught me how to ride a bike and _____

I fell over and you _____

You came to all my sports games and _____

You surprised me with a gift _____

You used to make me lunch for school _____

You took me to my favourite shop and _____

You showed me how to bake _____

You dropped me off for college and _____

Heartfelt Memories

These are for the times when your mum showed you courage and kindness. They are the moments you shared and cherished, and the ones that have shaped you into the person you are today.

You showed me kindness when _____

You surprised me with hope by _____

You showed me how to be patient by _____

You made me feel strong when _____

You taught me to be brave by _____

You showed me how to love someone _____

You showed me old photos _____

You comforted me by _____


I really hope this has inspired you today – I hope it’s triggered your imagination.

Let me know what you get up to.

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