Dads on the GO…. How can corporate parents be more engaged at home when they travel for business?

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Today I am delighted to have The Frequent Flyer Father as my guest blogger today.

Chicka Elloy is the Executive Founder Father of Frequent Flyer Families, Inc. An educator, trainer and professional speaker, Chicka travels from Atlanta and leads the nations first and largest brain-compatable learning programme. A proud husband of 10 years and the father of two sweet caramel daughters.  Chicka has earned over 300,000 traveled air-miles in the last three years and is a Featured Contributer of USA Today’s Education Blog.

The Frequent Flyer Father Blog started with a simple question:

How can corporate parents be more engaged at home when they travel for business?

With strategies, passion and accountability, Frequent Flyer Families has been developed to help parents and families be actively present at home, while away on the road

“We know that a dad’s involvement from very early on is important. In writing an article for a parents magazine, I compiled an overwhelming collection of evidence towards the benefits of dad being present at home. I am pretty convinced that we know this already, and choose to behave otherwise because it is, ironically “for our family”… or is it?

While it is shown that children can satisfactorily develop (emotionally mentally, and physically) provided they have a secure attachment with at least one intimate caregiver, the optimum for infants and young children is three secure attachments. The numerous articles did not point to gender or sexuality. Three though?! Now I know why the security blanket is secure.

High father involvement in childhood and adolescence is correlated with:

  • Lower adolescent risk behavior including smoking and criminality
  • Better peer relationships (notice not peer choices)
  • Higher educational / occupational mobility relative to parents’
  • Greater capacity for empathy
  • Non-traditional attitudes to earning and childcare
  • More satisfying adult sexual partnerships (hopefully once they are married)
  • Higher self-esteem and life-satisfaction

Conversely, the low levels of involvement by fathers are associated with a range of negative outcomes and this is seen right from the outset. Basically, fathers that are not around as a secure attachment in the first year increases the likelihood of their 3 year old child having developmental problems.

What you going to say dad? Can you take paternity leave? or you going to leave the paternity to get back to the work?

When a Dad is in, Everyone Wins 

Go and explore The Be.Owing Project

A collaboration of parents re-engaging families across the nation,
by designing and providing 737 creative ways to increase love in the home.

The FFF is giving away 100k of mileage tickets to one lucky contributor. Love @ 35,000ft.

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