Activities for teens during lock down.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

Activities for teens during lock down

So it’s another 3 weeks at least.

There’s lots of ideas & tips for keeping young kids busy but what about teenagers ?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • Join in with @noel_fielding’s art challenge on Instagram or Twitter. He sets a theme and kids produce art based on that theme.
  • Download some animation and movie apps. Set a challenge of writing a short film. This could be based on a book or story they like. Write the script, storyboard the scenes, shoot and edit. Then host a ‘Premier’ for the family to watch one evening
  • Learn some circus skills such as juggling
  • Watch ‘Art Ninja’ on BBC iPlayer for loads of creative and making ideas.
  • Go through old photos and sort them into a book for printing via an app
  • Film nights. Choose films from the year they were born!
  • Watch old Disney favourites from when they were little.
  • Subscribe to Audible. This is another one that could benefit the whole family
  • Give your teen some responsibility of being in charge of cooking some of the evening meals
  • Host your own family Bake Off challenge
  • Make your own family ‘Desert Island Discs’ list & what they remind you of. It’ll pass an hour or two while you choose & listen to them on Spotify ?
  • Compile a playlist of songs from the year they were born
  • Each family member writes 5 artists/bands they love onto a piece of paper. Fold paper up and put into a jar. Each morning, instead of looking at the news, begin your day by taking a paper out of the jar and listen to songs by that artist for the first half an hour of your day. Thanks Maria Evans !
  • Teach them to change a fuse, change a light bulb, change a tyre, use an iron or boil an egg

If you need a hand about other topics around teenagers have you seen my ‘The Sue Atkins Guide to Speaking To Your Teenager About Body Image’ ?

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