Top 20 Working from Home Tips

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

There are going to be a lot of people newly working from home starting this week, due to the Coronavirus and it will be a difficult transition for some – my husband included!

I’ve worked from home for many years so here are my top 20 tips for working effectively & avoiding distractions ?

Top 20 Working from Home Tips

  1. Set ‘Work Hours’- make sure your partner understands you are WORKING
  2. Get Dressed & Don’t Work from Bed
  3. Make To-Do Lists
  4. Use a Planner
  5. Use Task Management Apps
  6. Don’t Work in Your PJs
  7. Don’t Work in Front of the TV
  8. Set a Morning Routine and Stick to It
  9. Set an Alarm
  10. Eat a Healthy Lunch or Snack
  11. Take Short Breaks
  12. Use Productivity Apps
  13. Stay Off Social Media
  14. Leave the House
  15. Use Video Chat
  16. Use Your “Lunch Break” for Errands and Appointments
  17. Accept that there will be distractions but get disciplined & set yourself deadlines.
  18. After 3pm when the kids come home is most difficult so plan for it.
  19. Keep your phone on another desk and put on silent for the hours you plan to work
  20. Make sure you have a routine that marks the end of the working day to replace your commute.
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