Thriving Not Just Surviving The Coronavirus

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In these challenging & unprecedented times.

Connect with your friends & loved ones, obviously not in your usual ways, but we have the technology to stay in touch. So pick up the phone & chat, Skype or FaceTime to stay connected & caring. Let people know that you are thinking of them.

Our greatest challenge is loneliness.

Reach out & stay connected.

It’s important for everyone’s mental health.

Competent – you are capable & competent & with a little reflection you’re perfectly able to manage your physical health through drinking Actimel to build up your immune system, or by drinking more orange juice to increase your Vitamin C to ward off illness, or by doing some physical exercise using Spotify or Youtube to motivate you.

Pick a new hobby, clear out old cupboards, tidy up your inbox once and for all. Watch TED Talks & listen to podcasts to learn new things, do some gardening to ground yourself & get some fresh air, order some books on Amazon & get back to reading again or take up knitting, photography or blogging …

Significance – remember you matter, you are important, you are significant & you can make a contribution to the lives of others.

Checking up on neighbours, checking in on families in self isolation, doing some shopping for the elderly.

Bravery – it takes courage to keep yourself positive  in difficult times.

Turn off the News & don’t have it in a loop.

Don’t read unhelpful Facebook posts.

Be informed but don’t catastrophise.

Remember your children are looking & learning from you about how to handle this unusual time.

Use positive words like ‘we need to wash out hands to stay healthy’

We can & will get through this time if we focus on helping, supporting & caring for each other.

Stay safe ?

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