As Phillip Scofield Comes Out – Supporting your child if they are gay, straight, bi or transgender

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This week saw ‘This Morning’ host Phillip Schofield open up about being gay & how he told his wife of 27 years of his heartbreaking struggle with his sexuality.

Phil has credited Steph with fully supporting him during this part of his life which is hugely important.

Many young gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people have negative experiences when they first reveal their sexual orientation to their parents so it is really important that you offer your child support in what can be a difficult period in their life.

Your support can make a very significant difference to a young person questioning their sexual orientation or a young person who has decided to come out.

As a parent, it may suddenly feel like all your hopes and expectations for your child have been turned upside down and you may worry about their future health and happiness.

A young lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person who has decided to come out often doesn’t know whether their whole world is going to change for the better or worse.

They wonder whether you will still love them, whether they will still be able to live at home, whether they will still be able to rely on their friends and family.

Even in 2020 reactions are often very mixed & social media can be a very cruel place.

For many young lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people it can also be a very liberating phase and by being a supportive parent you have an opportunity to be part of embracing that – their  relationships may change but your love for your child needn’t.

Here is a very helpful article from Family Lives



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