Shouting at naughty children makes their behaviour WORSE.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I was recently interviewed on BBC WM a local radio station in Birmingham discussing why shouting at naughty children makes their behaviour WORSE.

It was based on this article

As a former Deputy Head there are loads of other ways to discipline your kids but let’s face it we all lose our tempers from time to time, as kids know exactly the right buttons to push, and they push them!

But staying calm, centred, specific and positive is a much better way to get kids to behave.


Work out whether your kids are motivated towards something ….. like a sticker or an extra bedtime story or away from something ……like losing their computer time then you have cracked it !

Kids in the same family can be different so look closely!

It’s about making sure you offer positive praise whenever possible, catching your kids getting something right and making sure you get regular “ME TIME” breaks so you keep your sense of humour, patience and sense of perspective.

Here’s my article on “How To Handle Anger Positively”

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