My Disney Junior Parenting Hacks around ‘Morning Routines’ with Billie and Greg from The Mummy Diaries.

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You know the easiest way to get the stress out of  mornings?

Find the one situation that constantly causes friction and figure out how to make it go smoother.

That’s it. The rest will simply follow suit.

Children thrive when they know what to expect and what they have to do. Implementing a morning routine will make them feel secure and prepared for the day ahead. Even more importantly, it will make your life a little less complicated and more enjoyable!

All of these tips are designed to help keep morning chaos to a minimum!

Tip 1: Make  your kids pack lunch the night before – and get them to help you

Tip 2: Get their shoes/trainers together and at the door ready to slip into quickly without frantically searching for them

Tip 3: Pack your child’s school bag the night before – so homework’s in there already, reading record book is signed the night before, school lunch money is in the envelope, school permission slips are signed , library books are retrieved from behind the bed, and left it by the door ready to pick up and go ……

Tip 4: Get up 15 minutes earlier than your children and have your shower BEFORE the kids wake up, put on your “lippy” or have your cup of coffee FIRST so you are more relaxed, prepared and chilled out. You will be kinder and more fun so you can send your kids off to school in a happier frame of mind rather than nagging shouting and swearing under your breathe and stressed out !

Tip 5: Offer your kids LIMITED choices – “do you want to wear the green jumper or the blue one.” Limited choices make your kids feel they have a choice and are being independent so they won’t throw a tantrum when in fact what’s implied is that they are wearing a jumper so you are still in ultimate control! It’s all in your tone of voice and body language

Tip 6: Lay the table the night before – get the cereals out, the jam and the cutlery so it’s easy to get started on their breakfast – make smoothies the night before and have them ready to pour as a healthy choice.

Tip 7: Make it  a rule – no TV in the morning … either at all or at least until they have had their breakfast, brushed their teeth or packed their bag and put their coats and shoes on. Create a HABIT that is simple, quick and CONSISTENT.

Tip 8: Keep a hairbrush downstairs and a toothbrush and get an egg timer to make brushing their hair or brushing their teeth a game – it will get you a quick, easy and fun response then praise like mad and give them a sticker!

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