Do You Need to Mark an Ending? Saying A ‘Good Goodbye’ & Creating a Personal Ritual Helps You Move Forward

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

We all go through endings. Sometimes we say goodbye to friends, family, lovers, partners, jobs and to those who have died. But do you understand how to handle goodbyes with grace, compassion, and kindness?
Have you ever pondered that marking an ending with a simple ritual helps you to move forward, or move on, or be open to the new opportunities that endings create?
An ending is really a new beginning.
Some endings are painful, some are forced on you, some are needed, some are a relief, some are about letting go or moving on & some are about recovering from a divorce or an empty nest.
Lighting a candle, literally drawing a line in the sand on a beach with a stick or playing relaxing music as you reflect, release & let go is incredibly healing & liberating.
You can imagine putting all your strong feelings into a hot air balloon & watching it rise into the air & disappearing behind a cloud in a beautiful blue sky taking away your strong emotions of sadness, including unresolved anger or guilt.
Develop a personal ritual that resonates with you that acknowledges the tug between your past and your future. It will provide an opportunity to grieve for what is lost and look forward to what’s next.
Not many people realise that a major change can take up to 18 months to 2 years to get used to.
A ritual helps you move through the transition more easily. It can be sending balloons out in space, a walk on a beach with close friends, or walking through woods with your dogs, or writing a short letter to someone that you never send.

A ‘Good Goodbye’ helps you mark the moment.

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