The 2-Minute Action Plan for Busy Parents.

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Following on from my Mummy Diaries/ Disney Video on ‘Morning Routines’ released last week here’s something you can try.

The 2-Minute Action Plan for Busy Parents

Here’s my quick ‘Pause to Ponder’ questions for this week around  Morning Routines:

Do you have a morning routine for your kids? Is it actually working for you? Could you benefit from tweaking it or printing out a morning routine chart to do with your family?

Is there something you are cramming into your morning routine that could be done the night before (eg., choosing your clothes or your child’s clothes, laying the table for breakfast, putting everyone’s shoes at the front door or  getting their rucksacks or book bags ready etc.)?

Are you giving yourself enough time to completely wake up (and have that much needed cup of coffee in peace!) before the kids wake up?

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